Detroit Skyline

Detroit, Michigan is a metropolitan city in the US Midwest. Once dubbed "the Paris of North America" for its radiating boulevards, architectural marvels and of course its French origins and heritage, Detroit in recent years has been hit with a myriad of conditions and repercussions—some from its own folly, some no fault of its own. Globalization, cheap overseas labor and the low cost of energy to ship parts and products around the world quickly brought Detroit to its knees.

Once the beacon of the American Dream where anyone willing to work hard could achieve a good standard of living, Detroit drew immigrants from across the United States and from across the world. And because of this Detroit drew a wide range of musical influences over its entire rich musical history. The blues particularly was a strong influence in Detroit and a catalyst that fused many of the diverse styles together for unique Detroit-sounds. This synthesis of sounds is evident in Detroit music: its gospel music, its rhythm and blues, its soul, Motown and of course Detroit rock.

Detroit is home of course to the Motown sound, but punk also had its origins in Detroit with high-energy, proto-punk bands like Iggy and the Stooges, the MC5, SRC and others.

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