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Mike Chisholm aka Chizzy the Artist
acrylics, latex, glow and glitter

Chizzy's paintings when exposed to normal light; make the color jump off the canvas and when the lights go out, the painting takes on a whole new and striking look by glowing in the dark!

The fine art works of Chizzy the Artist begin with a veil of emotions bursting from his soul and creating colorful paintings that speak differently to everyone.

"I have been creating art as long as I can recall understanding how to put my thoughts into reality,drawing, painting, sculpting, music or anything else that moved the artist in me. I have put my very soul into each piece of art giving individual attention to the very essence of the feelings inspiring particular sections of each painting or sculpture."

--Mike "Chizzy the Artist" Chisholm

Mike Chisholm Gallery
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Childhood Field Of Color Freefall Colors Of The Season East Star Vye Lot Sunset Vacation
Spring Homage Skyward Gyre Pink Paradise Blue Note Happiness 678 Widow's Galaxy
Orb Jubilee Cosmic Celebration Zebra Galaxy 2 Glow For Sure Earth Sea Sky Scarboro Internally Green

Mike Chisholm Art Clothing Gallery
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Shirt 1 Shirt 2 Shirt 3 Shirt 4 Shirt 5 Shirt 6

Send your own clothing to be hand-painted. Details coming soon.

Chizzy's paintings—and art clothing—when exposed to normal light, make the colors jump off the canvas—and when the lights go out, the paintings takes on a whole new and striking look—by glowing in the dark, creating a bright variable greenish light—adding a 3rd dimension to the painting. Specialty lighting, such as track lighting, as well as sunlight tend to give the best results. The glow-in-the-dark clothing works wonderfully with stage lighting.

Chizzy's Glow in The Dark ArtChizzy's Glow in The Dark Art Clothing

A large portion (25-50%) of the proceeds from the sale of ALL of Chizzy's artwork goes to charity! Likewise 25% of The Gallery of the Art's gallery commission of Mike Chisholm's art sales.

Chizzy's Charities Artist Network

Chizzy the Artist works closely with Ronald McDonald House Charities, Henry Ford Hospice (Sandcastles Family Grief Support) Boys & Girls Club, Karmanos Cancer Institute, Neighbor For Neighbor and numerous other charities. Chisholm is chairman and founder of Chizzy's Charities Artist Network (CCAN). CCAN is responsible for producing large-scale fundraisers, such as Deck the Walls of Ronald McDonald House of Detroit, Artunes on the Mountain, and others. These events not only raise money for very worthwhile causes, but also showcase both renowned local and international artists partnering with musicians, who combine and donate a large portion of their proceeds from the fundraisers to these various charities and benefits. See pics:
ArtTunes on the Mountain | Art4Good | Benefit for Kathleen Edward

Chizzy Art Performance

"Our mission as a Foundation/Network is to provide a carefully selected group of local, national & international artists who share common interests/goals & work together to create and support charitable events.

Our Network currently consists of artists, musical bands. All events are produced through CCAN and are sponsored by its board of directors.

CCAN's goal is to assist in funding charitable foundation in organizing events and by the attraction of potential donors. CCAN works closely with several foundations, and is responsible for producing large-scale fundraisers showcasing multiple renowned local and international artists who care about the community in it effords to give back to charity."

--Mike "Chizzy the Artist" Chisholm

Chisholm said he came up with the fundraiser idea after taking a tour of the Ronald McDonald House, which had bare walls that created a dark atmosphere. To add some color, Chisholm devised a program that would feature paintings for sale from 10 to 12 artists each month until December. The artwork would be hung on the walls at the Ronald McDonald House and 25 percent of each purchase would be donated to the house.

After posting two advertisements on Facebook and Craigslist, Chisholm said 80 artists from around the world responded, wanting to participate. "This is a win-win situation because artists are struggling heavily," Chisholm said, "and artists love to give, and this really helps us do both."

Besides offering their artwork, Chisholm and four of the artists will be painting murals of rainforests, outer space and positive images in the Ronald McDonald courtyard. "The courtyard used to have dingy walls and was half landscaped," Chisholm said. "Families were supposed to go there and gather solace and get rid of the tough stress they deal with all day long, and now they have something beautiful to look at."

Chizzy Art Performance