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Gwen Joy

Gwen Joy acrylic painting, jewelry, assemblage

"I am an artist who specializes in colorful folk art paintings. My artistic style is outsider brut. It is primitive in style, raw emotionally, and sometimes mature in nature. I'm here on The Gallery of the Arts to present my paintings, jewelry, and one-of-kind custom art toys.

I strive to produce an end product that has both strength and beauty. I believe the human mind is a lot like my artwork—filled with hard facts and stories, but also softened with abstract thoughts and emotions. The overly interesting manifestation of mind and spirit.

I believe that my best artwork comes when my mind and senses are heavily stimulated. I strive to create this state by seeing art exhibits, researching other artists, listening to music, and watching films. Detroit is a wonderful city to keep my mind and senses very active. The city is rich in cultural life. I have been actively exploring it for over sixteen years."

--Gwen Joy

Gwen Joy Painting Gallery
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acrylic paintings and ordering details.

Bozo, Pinochio and Milky Meet The Entertainers An August Musing The Joyful Creatures at the Packard Plant The Joy Toy Family Tree Beach Scene

Gwen Joy Jewelry Gallery
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artistic jewelry and ordering details.

Pink Copper Minimalism Mexican Animals New Mexican Lyrical Modern Layered

Gwen Joy Joy Toy Gallery
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Rocky the Dayglo Raccoon Dog Francis the Upbeat Dinosaur Henrietta the Mouse Flower Urban the Raccoonbug Lincoln the Mouse Boy Presto the Spritely Monkey Bear Lloyd the Clown Doggie Mambo the Beachcomber Alison The Foxy Raccoon

"I love real life experiences and try to relate them to my art. When I create art I'm at the point between everything. I'm just trying to express it and make sense of it. My aim is to create vibrant artwork that is interesting and also at the same time accessible. I will continue to exhibit my artwork in Metropolitan Detroit since I enjoy showing in the area. I have a healthy fan base here and a strong connection to the city. I have plans to network in other parts of Michigan and in other states. I have continued to develop as an artist my whole life. I would be honored use this opportunity to take my creativity to the next level. I have been making art since childhood so it is a lifetime endeavor for me."

--Gwen Joy


Wayne State University, Detroit, MI - September 1996 to May 2001
Received art instruction from Fall 1996 to Winter 1999. Graduated with a
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications and American Studies.


Ann Arbor Art Center - Ongoing
Ann Arbor, MI

Comics and Stuff - Ongoing
Ann Arbor, MI

Art Tunes Event - Art Fair, Music, Theatre, and Fashion Show - May 22, 2010
Bald Mountain State Park- Lake Orion, MI

Nature is Wonderful - Phoenix Cafe
Hazel Park, Michigan - Group Show - April 24-May 29, 2010

Rocky the Dayglo Raccoon Dog Earth Day Fair - Lawrence Tech University
Southfield, Michigan - April 22, 2010 from 12 pm to 3 pm

Hatchback 4 - Cafe 1923
Hamtramick, Michigan - February 28 - March 27, 2010

Icons and Idols; Transforming Tradition - Madonna University Exhibition Gallery
Livonia, Michigan - February 28-March 28, 2010

Cranbrook Art Institute - March 13, 2010 - Bloomfield Hills, MI
One Day Bat Themed Event and Art Show

Chi Chi and The Greek Vintage Boutique - Ongoing - Waterford, MI
City Bird - Ongoing- Detroit, MI

The Red Headed Vixen With a Peppermint Twist Holiday Art Show-
Dec 12, 2009-Jan 12, 2010 - Christine's Cuisine - Ferndale, MI

Pure Detroit 11th Aniversary Art and Music Event- December 11 2009
One Night Event - Detroit, MI

The Ronald McDonald House December Art Show - Dec 1, 2009-Jan 2, 2010
3911 Beaubien Street - Detroit, MI

Pechu Kucha - November 24, 2009
One Night Event of Art, Fashion, and Design - Detroit Film Theatre - Detroit, MI

Woods Gallery Holiday Gift Shop - November 21-December 19, 2009
Group Show - lowel level of Huntington Woods Gallery, Huntington Woods, MI

The Grosse Pointe Art Center - November 20-December 23, 2009
Holiday Art Show - Grosse Pointe, MI

The Detroit Artist Market- November 6-December 23, 2009
Holiday Art show - Detroit, MI

Presto the Spritely Monkey Bear This Week In Art - November 4, 2009
The Motor City Brewing Works - Detroit, MI

The Dirty Show 10.5 - Sept 25 2009 - Oct 3 2009
Bert's Warehouse, Detroit, MI - Erotic Art Show

The People's Art Festival - The Russell Industrial Center - August 29-30, 2009
Detroit, MI - Art Fair; Sharing Booth 33 with Milan Filipec

Handbags and Heels - The River's Edge Gallery - Aug 21, 2009-Oct 30, 2009
Wyandotte, MI - Group Show

Box Fest- The Furniture Factory - August 6, 2009-August 22, 2009
Detroit, MI - Group Show

Pink Pump
July 23 2009 - September 2009, Birmingham, MI - Group Show

The Russell Industrial Complex Building 2 - July 11, 2009-August 2009
Ferndale, MI - Outsider Art Group Show

Cityfest Art Gallery - July 1-July 5, 2009
Detroit, MI - I curated and exhibited in a Group Show called "Detroit Id"

Modern Contemporary Art Museum of Detroit - April 2009
Detroit, MI - Group Show for MAPP

Majestic Cafe - April 2, 2009-May 2009
Detroit, MI - two person show with Jason Smith

Cass Cafe - March 7, 2009-May 2009
Detroit, MI "The Target Show" - Group Show

Lincoln the Mouse Boy Bert's Warehouse - February 6, 2009-February 14 2009
Detroit, MI - "The Dirty Show "- Group Show

Christine's Cuisine - February 2009-March 2009
Ferndale, MI - Solo Exhibit

Izzy's Raw Art Gallery - January 31, 2009-March 2009
Detroit, MI - "Intrepretation of Winter" - Group show

Gallery 323 - Ongoing
Royal Oak, MI - I have joytoys, paintings and jewelry on display

River's Edge Gallery - Ongoing
Wyandotte, MI - I have jewelry, joytoys, and paintings on display

River's Edge Gallery - December 2008-February 2008
Wyandotte, MI - Noire Et Blanc, Group Show

The Grosse Pointe Art Center - November 2008-January 2009
Grosse Pointe Park, MI - Group Holiday Gift Show

The Detroit Artist Market - November 2008-January 2009
Detroit, MI - Group Holiday Gift Show

The Woodward Lofts - October 2008
Detroit, MI - Solo exhibition in the main floor's windows

The Majestic Cafe - October 2008
Detroit, MI - Group show

Cityfest Gallery - Gwen's Urban Playhouse - July 2008
Detroit, MI - Curater and artist in group show

Francis the Upbeat Dinosaur Art House - July 2008
Ann Arbor, MI - I painted a lifesized mural for a feature film starring Iggy Pop

Red Marble, Blue Marble - May 2008
Detroit, MI - I painted an over lifesized mural for a sci-fi feature film

The Black Diamond Box Gallery - April 2008
Chicago, IL - Solo art showing

Christine's Cuisine - January 2008
Ferndale, MI - Holiday themed solo art show

Detroit Artist Market - December 2007
Detroit, MI - Group Show

Cass Cafe - November 2007
Detroit, MI - Two person art show

Anton Art Center - October 2007
Mt. Clemons, MI - Halloween Group Show

The CityFest Gallery - July 2007
Detroit, MI - City celebrated festival curated art show

Zeitgeist Gallery - March 2007
Detroit, MI - Group showing of folk artists

The Motor City Brewery - February 2007
Detroit, MI - Solo exhibit

The Tangent Gallery - February 2007
Detroit, MI - Erotic group art show

Lloyd the Clown Doggie Christine's Cuisine - December 2006
Ferndale, MI -Solo exhibit of holiday themed work

Centaur Bar - August 2006
Detroit, MI - Solo art showing

The Bankle Building - August 2006
Detroit MI - Solo show

The Motor City Brewery - March 2006
Detroit, MI - Solo show

Tangent Gallery - February 2005
Detroit, MI - The Dirty Show; Group Show

Car Wash Cafe - July 2004
Detroit, MI - Curated and participated in very original art event

Izzy's Raw Art Gallery - December 2004
Detroit, MI - Group Show of women artists

Cpop Gallery - December 2003
Detroit, MI - Group Exhibition

Detroit Art Space - October 2004
Detroit, MI - Curated and participated in Halloween themed art show

Dally in the Alley Art Gallery - Sept 2004
Detroit, MI - Curated and participated in popular Detroit street fair

Made In Detroit - Sept 2003-May 2004
Detroit, MI - Merchandise shown in Detroit themed boutique

Pure Design Lab - Sept 2004-Sept 2007
Detroit, MI - Store that showcased independent Detroit designers

Ford World Headquarters - August 2003
Dearborn, MI - Solo exhibition

Tastefest Gallery - August 2004
Detroit, MI - Group show associated with Detroit's renowned music and food fair

Gwen Joy The Padded Cell - August 2003
Royal Oak, MI - Solo exhibition

Lily's Seafood - July 2004
Royal Oak, MI - Solo Showing of mermaid paintings

Detroit International Institute Cafe - July 2003
Detroit, MI - Solo exhibition

Museum of New Art - February 2003
Detroit, MI - Part of The Dirty Show group exhibit

Robert Maniselco Gallery - April 2001
Grosse Pointe, MI - Group exhibition of Women artists

Detroit Contemporary Gallery - Sept 2000
Detroit, MI - Group Exhibition

Patty Smith Boutique - Nov 1999 to Jan 2000
Royal Oak, MI - Necklaces on display

Wayne State University - March to April 1999
Detroit, MI - Student art exhibition

David Broderick Building - November 1998
Detroit, MI - Group exhibition

Artcite - December 1998
Windor, Ontario, Canada - Holiday Group Show