Gayle Sanchirico

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Gayle Sanchirico acrylics, pastels, collage,
mixed media, pure pigmentation

Michigan artist, Gayle Sanchirico paints full-time in her Brighton, Michigan studio. While exhibiting in solo and juried shows, her artwork has earned numerous awards and honors. Sanchirico's work is included in many private collections across the the country.

Following her muses (and yes there are a few), she intuitively explores many mediums, techniques and subjects, creating paintingswith colorful perspectives and unique themes. Sanchirico wishes to leave the viewer with an elevated sense of color, emotion and connection through her illustrative styles and unique points of view.

"In my Dream series my hope is that the viewer will enjoy a glimpse of my visual night flights. Trying to describe a dream can be difficult as it's often illusive and encompasses many layers. The challenge istranslating them into a painting while illustrating that illusiveness and bringing it into focus. Very much like the layers of a dream, I use layering on and off of colors, textures and mediums. The scratching off technique gives the feeling of being just on the other side of consciousness. The Serotonin series illustrates waking in the early hours when the last days events seem to break into a million little pieces thatfloat me calmly back into slumber." --Gayle Sanchirico

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Mirror Mirror Subconscious Seer Illusive Interpretations
Serotonin 1 am Serotonin 2 am Serotonin 3 am Serotonin 4 am Serotonin 5 am The Other Room
Ruffled House Wood Nymphs

Gayle's body of work takes on many subjects and themes. Her aim is to be true to her muse. Inspired by early 1900's illustrators Rita Senger, George Plank and Maxfield Parrish and later on artist David Lavine. She considers herself an expressionist illustrator. Gayle intuitively explores her mediums, techniques and subjects, resulting in her colorful perspectives and unique themes.