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Carl Lundgren oils, illustration, digital, computer graphics

Carl Lundgren had always been an innovative artist, experimenting with underground movies and multimedia even as a teenager, as well as playing folk guitar semi-professionally. However, what Lundgren really wanted was to be an illustrator like his idol, Frank Frazetta, painting fantasy art.

In 1967, Lundgren discovered Gary Grimshaw doing posters for a Detroit concert venue called The Grande Ballroom. Grimshaw gave Lundgren a job and was immediately creating posters for such bands as The Who, Pink Floyd, Jefferson Airplane as well as for such Detroit legends as the MC5, Grand Funk Railroad, Alice Cooper, Bob Seger, The Frost and more. Little thought was given to the fact these Rock 'n' Roll posters would become highly collectible.

Carl Lundgren Fine Art Gallery
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Angel Baby Autumn Chance Promise Curtain of Night The War Of Science And Religion Delicate Balance The Fab Five The Modern Prometheus
NoShirt NoShoes NoService Peek A Book Impudence Imagination The Spirit of Music Elvis Has Left The Building Discussin Man Self Portrait In Old Age Rest

Carl Lundgren Rock Concert Poster Gallery
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Albert King Rock Art Expo Janis Joplin Jeff Beck Atlanta Pop Festival Steve Miller Vanessa MC5Gold Pink Floyd
Led Zeppelin The WHO The Frost Grande Shows Deep Purple Goose Lake MC5 Grass Country Joe and the Fish J Geils Band LIVE Full House

After publishing some Underground Comix, in the mid 70s Carl Lundgren became a science fiction and fantasy illustrator, painting almost 300 book covers in New York City. Also at this time, Carl Lundgren co-founded ASFA, and was nominated for a Hugo Award—the highest honor in science fiction.

Carl Lundgren's Imagination In 1987 Lundgren quit working for the publishing industry to pursued a fine art career—and a prolific fine art career indeed. He also wrote and published a book called, Carl Lundgren, great artist.

At the dawn of a new millennium, Lundgren had synthesized his innovative nature, love for creating fine art, publishing saavy, and new found respect for the computer to deliver his lllustrations, paintings and digitally-remastered classic rock concert poster reproductions to art fairs and science fiction conventions around the country.

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